Aid Stations, Bag Drops and First Aid

Aid Stations, Bag Drops and First Aid

Aid Stations

There will be one aid station on each loop of the course and these will provide chilled water in cups. Athletes are encouraged to carry their own water if they feel this shall not be sufficient. There will also be an aid station at the start/finish area which competitors will pass through between loops.

Due to the short nature of this event, no provision shall be made for personal nutrition needs.

Bag Drop

You can leave your excess gear with the registration tent whilst you are competing. You will find a bag tag located on your race bib. Please attach this tag to your bag before leaving with our volunteers. Present your bib after the race to identify you and collect the matching tagged bag!

First Aid

Qualified first aid shall be on hand for anything minor or more serious and will be located adjacent to the start/finish area. Emergency contact numbers will be located on the back of your race bibs.