Important Relay Information

Important Relay Information

The focus of this event is on fun with friends, family and colleagues; so with this in mind, we have upped the ante with our relay options for 2020:

Open Mixed
High School Mixed
Primary School Mixed
Corporate Mixed
Family – at least one runner under the age of 12!

A small prize and 365 days of bragging rights, shall be awarded to the winning team in each category! Note: teams may be represented by two or three runners but, to encourage participation; relay teams require three members to be eligible for prizes:

Family Relay:

The criteria (feel free to enter another Relay if you can’t tick all the boxes):

  • Immediate family members (step-family included)
  • At least one person 12 years of age or under
  • Three runner minimum**, each participant running one 4km leg each

Other Relays (main prize – bragging rights for a year):

This year teams can be entered in any of our other relay options; OPEN, HIGH SCHOOL, PRIMARY SCHOOL or CORPORATE!

  • A mix of gender must be included*
  • Three runner minimum, each running one 4km leg each

*Exemptions for single sex families and schools

** Two person teams permissible but ineligible for prizes

Each member shall run one leg of the course, tagging the next team member at the completion of their loop at the Race precinct. Two member teams; you can choose one runner to run two legs. They can run these consecutively or run the first and last leg.

Exemptions can be made for single sex families and schools.

There will be one marshaling areas for awaiting team members; located adjacent to the Emerald Lakes Golf Club clubhouse – there will be an event flag and a fenced area for waiting runners. Runners 2 & 3 will run the same out and back section, making the turn at the 8km?relay turn, located half way around the Lake.

It shall be the responsibility of the team to ensure their next runner is waiting in the marshaling area awaiting their handover.